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Small Universal Tripod for your Webcam or Camera – a Review

If you are a video creator, vlogger or just work or study from home in this period you might need to record or video stream your content from your desk. Placing the webcam on your monitor doesn’t always work or help you with the angles, so you might need a tripod. We actually needed one to set up some small light lamps and we turned our attention to a rather cheap but effective Universal Tripod from Sandberg, which is available for 12.99 €.

Packaging and Features

The Universal Tripod comes packed in a 21x6x4 cm black and blue package with the Sandberg logo on top and the image of the tripod in the middle.

Inside the box we just have the tripod, which is made out of aluminium, stainless steel and ABS plastic. It comes folded and has 3 legs with adjustable height between 16 and 23.5 cm.

On top it has an universal mounting screw and a 1/4 threaded adapter. You can add any camera, webcam or other device that has a screw mount on it, as long as it weights under 800 grams.

How it Works

The main role of the tripod is to provide a stable base for shake-free image and video shooting for webcams or digital cameras and basically keep your device in place. As stated before, we needed it for a light lamp so we will be testing it with that, with a phone holder and a webcam.

The tripod is sturdy for it’s size and weight. When the 3 legs are fully extended and locked there is no wobble when we shake them. The head locks with a metal threaded twist lock that can be tightened/loosened with a single turn of the wrist.

The feet are rubber and this helps grip and your device will stay steady on the table.


The Universal Tripod from Sandberg is a very inexpensive product that does its job pretty well. If you need a piece of equipment to stabilize your camera or just a small support for your screw-mounting device, this one can be the solution for you. It is cheap, the build quality is good and it does its job very well.


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